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Keith Olbermann RAGES with Mob on Twitter against Peggy Noonan’s Columbia Column

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who was once a speechwriter for Reagan and is now a dyspeptic critic of Donald Trump, infuriated leftists on Twitter this weekend with a column about her visit to the Columbia University campus to observe the pro-Hamas protests and to try to interview some young people. demonstrators.

Noonan wrote that she understood the youthful passion to protest, but these protesters were all wearing masks and did not want to engage with largely supportive media. She thought this conveyed an atmosphere of menace and cowardice. This was the passage that New York Times reporter Peter Baker relayed that fueled the anger:

I was in Columbia hours before the police came in and liberated Hamilton Hall from its occupiers. Unlike protesters of the past, who were typically eager to share with others what they were thinking and why, these protesters generally did not speak or make eye contact with members of the press, or, as they say, with “corporate media.”

I was sitting on a bench taking notes when a group of young women, all wearing sunglasses, masks and kaffiyehs, walked by. “Friends, please come say hello and tell me what you think,” I shouted. They marched past without making eye contact, except for one, a beautiful girl of about twenty. “I’m not educated,” she said. That’s what they should say to corporate media representatives, who will twist your words. “I’m barely trained, you’re safe,” I shouted, and she laughed and half stopped. But her friends looked at her and she complied.

Raging lunatic Keith Olbermann, the man so unbalanced he tweeted the Supreme Court majority that was overturned Roe vs. Wade were ‘domestic terrorists’, Baker and Noonan argued not journalists:

The left could certainly argue that students would be wise not to sit down with a journalist they don’t know, and Noonan could be characterized as an establishment Republican who by nature doesn’t like radical disorder. Noonan noted that they shouted, “Israel bombs, Columbia pays! How many children have you killed today?

Lefties were probably angrier at Noonan for suggesting that even liberals in Manhattan were happy to see the police closing this camp:

The demonstrations in Vietnam came to a country that was relatively at peace with itself and said: Wake up! The Hamas demonstrations are coming to a country that has not been at peace with itself for a long time. It watched and thought: even more shocking hell when children with blood in their eyes make demands.

So were the people of my liberal-left city relieved to see the NYPD come in, drag the protesters away, restore order, and have people clean up the place.