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GTA 6 trailer used for F1 Miami Grand Prix

The GTA 6 trailer and other footage inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series was used during this weekend’s F1 race in Miami. From logos, a trailer, a 3D character model and more, we’ll take a look at it all here.

GTA VI will feature Vice City, the fictional version of Miami, and it was no surprise that the sport’s broadcasts were inspired by the blockbuster franchise. We may only have one trailer, but the game has continued to impact major companies and events in recent months.

GTA x F1 begins

The race weekend started with a practice session with a GTA-style 3D model from one of the commentators. Technical analyst Sam Collins spoke during the live broadcast of F1 TV. On the screen, fans could see a pop-up with his name and title, but it was accompanied by a GTA NPC-like model of him and a GTA VI-inspired background down to even the colors.

Image via Reddit.

At the beginning of each weekend session, the camera pans up from the ocean to the beach and buildings. The F1 Spring logo was then placed on the screen. This is similar to one of the first shots in the GTA VI trailer.

Open GTA VI trailer

The GTA VI trailer also served as the basis for the opening Sky Sports qualifying broadcast. Sky Sports is the F1 broadcaster in Britain and Ireland and fans were greeted with a GTA VI trailer-style intro before the drivers set out for pole position.

Clips from the current and previous weekend played over the sound of Tom Petty’s Love Is a Long Road. The song quickly gained popularity decades after its release thanks to the GTA VI trailer in December. It saw a surge in streams on music platforms and is now being used in clips like this.

The video features shots of celebrities, vertical style footage and even a ‘No Parking’ pop-up in a similar style to GTA’s WASTED. It’s also not GTA in IRL video without the use of the HUD design found in GTA games. Most of the time people use the generic San Andreas UI, but to the credit of the editor at Sky they have created something bespoke. It shows money, time, stars, shield and health, but also an icon for the steering wheel.

Sky also had a Miami Grand Prix logo in this intro, inspired by the GTA VI logo. While the font isn’t the same, the background features the purple-orange gradient that is the de facto color scheme for Miami/Vice City.

If you’d like to watch the 50-second video in full, you can watch it via Sky Sports F1’s Twitter account (currently known as X). here.

Sky Sports also used GTA cover art style title cards for sessions such as Qualifying. Featuring the iconic black borders around various images, this style, which has been a staple for quite some time, has been parodied many times.

Rockstar Games is using F1 in GTA Online this weekend

There is a little more synergy between GTA and F1 this weekend than you think. Sure, the Miami location is an easy excuse to involve GTA VI in some way, but Rockstar Games also made some F1 connections for GTA Online this week.

The current GTA Online Event Week, which kicked off on Thursday, featured bonuses for the open-wheel racing mode, which is essentially Formula 1 racing. Cars like the Benefactor BR8 are basically F1 car models and the racing series has mechanics like pit stops, ERS and tire wear.

Speaking of the Benefactor BR8, it can be won on stage through daily wheel spins in the casino. The F1-inspired races also pay out three times the amount of money and RP this week. Be sure to check out everything happening in GTA Online this week, including all the F1-themed content, here.

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