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OMG: Not 1-2-3, woman gave birth to 5 girls at the same time, doctors and family were all surprised

Report – Ashish Sinha

Kishanganj. A unique case has come to light from Kishanganj district of Bihar, knowing that you will be surprised for some time to come. Usually a woman gives birth to 1, 2 or 3 children at the same time. But in Kishanganj, a woman gave birth to five girls at the same time. This woman’s name is Tahira Alam. Let us tell you that the woman is already a mother of a child. Their first child was a son.

Now the woman gave birth to five girls at the same time. After the birth of the girl child, there is a lot of excitement among the woman’s relatives. This entire case pertains to Raza Nursing Home in Pothia block of Kishanganj district. The woman is a resident of Thakurganj. The girls’ mother said that when she was two months pregnant, she found out she was carrying four children. However, when I went to the doctor for a check-up, I discovered that I was carrying five children.

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The doctor strengthened the patient’s courage

The woman said she started to get scared after this. However, the doctor explained to me that there was nothing to fear. Let us tell you that both Dr. Farzana Noori as Dr. Farhana Noori from Raza Nursing Home jointly performed the normal delivery of the woman. The female doctor at the Raza Nursing Home told us about this when we told the patient that she had five children in her belly. The patient started to panic, but we explained that there was nothing wrong. We treated them further and today the patient and her children are healthy. The doctor said that this case was very challenging for me. But with technical help and understanding, the delivery of children was carried out. The woman and her children are healthy. I congratulate them and their families.

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