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May 5: Anti-Israel unrest continues on US campuses, amid crackdowns and graduation ceremonies

The police union representing officers at the University of California schools is criticizing UCLA administrators for the “lack of response” to violence that erupted last week during anti-Israel student protests on campus.

The union also called for an independent investigation into the response.

“UC administrators are solely responsible for the university’s response to campus protests, and they own any consequences of those responses,” Wade Stern, president of the Federated University Police Officers Association, said in a news release Saturday.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters set up a camp on the UCLA campus in Royce Quad last week to demand that the university divest companies and institutions that are “complicit in the Israeli occupation, apartheid and genocide of the Palestinian people.”

Early Wednesday morning, pro-Israel counter-protesters attacked the encampment, causing a clash between them and the anti-Israel demonstrators, Fox 11 reported. Fights broke out, fireworks were shot at protesters and objects were thrown as part of the violence .

According to Fox 11, law enforcement initially stood by as the violence unfolded. Local police in riot gear did not respond to the scene until hours later. Law enforcement officers eventually moved in and cleared the encampment, and more than 200 protesters were arrested.

“Ultimately, the encampment on Royce Quad was both unlawful and a violation of policy,” UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement Thursday. “It created unsafe conditions on our campus and harmed our ability to carry out our mission. It had to end.”