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University protests around the world: Voices for accountability rise

American university leaders are facing “calls for accountability” following the arrest of pro-Palestinian demonstrators amid weeks of anti-war protests in Gaza, the US network “NBC News” reported.

The network cited letters from faculty, students and human rights organizations to university administrations in several U.S. states.

Pro-Palestinian activists set up camps at more than 70 American universities, demanding that they reject the war on Gaza and that universities stop “associating with institutions that cooperate with Israel.”

According to figures from NBC News, the protest movement in the United States has led to clashes and the arrests of more than 2,300 demonstrators in recent weeks.

As universities reassess the start of the academic year, with many students facing legal and disciplinary action, “university communities are expressing frustration with the way university leaders are managing protests on campus,” the network says.

The protests spread
In addition, student protests against Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip continue at many international universities, as does a growing student movement in the United States.

In Canada, hundreds of students protested at Canada’s University of Toronto to demand an end to Israel’s war on Gaza and to support an anti-war student sit-in on the university campus before continuing to end the march near the students. sitting headquarters.

In Denmark, the city of Odense witnessed a massive march and demonstrators raised Palestinian flags to condemn Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

The city of Uppsala in Sweden also took part in a rally in support of Palestine, singing “For Palestine”.

In the German capital Berlin, in solidarity with the Palestinians and against the Israeli war on Gaza, a demonstration took place by various political factions, demanding an end to what they described as genocide in Gaza, chanting slogans condemning the government of President Olaf Schulz. support for the Netanyahu government in the war against Gaza.

A demonstration was held in the French capital Paris, with participants demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, emphasizing the need to hold Israel accountable for its genocide.

In Britain, students at the University of Manchester vowed to hold a campus sit-in for the fourth day in a row, demanding the university cut ties with Israel.