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TO BREATHE. SIMPLE. Mobile Lung CT Coach to Host “Wipe Out Lung Cancer” at Chattanooga Red Wolves on June 5

CHI Memorial’s mobile lung CT coach will host a “Wipe Out Lung Cancer” event during the Chattanooga Red Wolves football game next Wednesday. Lung cancer screenings will be available from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM outside CHI Memorial Stadium at Breathe. Simple. mobile coach. All Red Wolves fans are encouraged to dress in white and stop by the mobile carriage to be entered into the drawing for a pair of pearl earrings.

Officials said: “Lung cancer screening is a test to look for signs of lung cancer in otherwise healthy people.

The low-dose CT scan shows a 3D image of your lungs that is clearer and more detailed than regular X-rays, allowing doctors to diagnose lung cancer at its earliest stages, before symptoms appear. This is the time when lung cancer is most curable.

“The entire process takes less than 10 minutes and there is no need to do anything special to prepare for the screening. The low-dose CT lung cancer scan has been shown to improve survival by 20 percent according to The National Lung Screening Trial from the National Cancer Institute.

Factors that put you at high risk for developing lung cancer include being age 50 or older; a history of smoking, a family history of cancer, or exposure to carcinogens (asbestos, diesel fumes, radon, coal smoke, soot, etc.). .).

“Private insurance companies cover lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals. Medicare and Medicaid also cover lung cancer screening. Subsidy funds are available for eligible uninsured and underinsured people who wish to undergo the low-dose lung CT screening. A cash-pay option is available for those who do not meet insurance criteria but would like to be screened.

“If you think you are at risk, please call us at 423-495-LUNG (5864) to discuss whether lung screening is right for you, or to schedule an appointment.”

CHI Memorial Stadium is located at 1 Stadium Way in Chattanooga. Tickets for the Red Wolves match are available at