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Here are 8 of the worst potholes on Staten Island right now

STATEN ISLAND, NY – As most Staten Island drivers know, learning to avoid potholes is as much a part of a driver’s education as using turn signals or coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

After a winter with freezing temperatures and heavy salting, complaints about potholes in the road surface were fewer than in recent years. Thanks to the Department of Transportation’s Sisyphean work, an average of 2,026 potholes were filled in the neighborhood each month between December 2023 and February.

Potholes and bad roads weigh heavily on the minds of Staten Island motorists, with the locations of particularly treacherous potholes spreading like ghost stories around a campfire.

After driving around the neighborhood, and with a little help from our readers, we’ve arrived at the following list of the worst potholes on Staten Island.

Given the size of the congregation and the inability of one reporter to be everywhere, the list is far from complete.

If there are any potholes you think we missed, send photos or cross streets and a brief description to transportation reporter Mike Matteo at [email protected].


Transportation is a huge topic, and potholes aside, we want to hear from you. What are the most urgent traffic and transport problems? What needs to be fixed now?

We invite you to fill out our feedback form and we will assess where Staten Islanders think the efforts – of our reporting and of the powers that be – should be focused.

Like our reporters, the DOT can’t have eyes everywhere. Residents can report potholes to the city by calling 311 or visiting the 311 website.

Travis Avenue, between Freedom Avenue and Draper Place:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Richmond Terrace and Stuyvesant Place, westbound:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Seaview Avenue, between Olympia Boulevard and Mason Avenue, toward Hylan Boulevard:

(Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo)
Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Todd Hill Road and Merrick Avenue:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Forrest Avenue and Barrett Avenue:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Pitney Avenue, between Veterans Road East and Peacock Loop:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo

Edinboro Road, near La Tourette Golf Course:

Staten Island Advance/Mike Matteo