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Jan 6 Officer Michael Fanone called Trump “authoritarian,” so a patriot terrorized Fanone’s mother

When Robert De Niro campaigned for Joe Biden yesterday Outside Donald Trump’s trial in Manhattan (because that’s where all the news cameras were), he was flanked by former DC Metro Police Officer Michael Fanone and former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, two of the hero officers attacked by January 6 insurrectionists. They were there to reinforce De Niro’s message that Donald Trump is a wannabe dictator whose followers are fond of threats and violence. Dunn and Fanone are now working with the Biden-Harris campaign to remind voters what the other candidate wants to do if he returns to power.

Not surprisingly, Trump supporters outside the courthouse chanted “TRAITOR!” shouted. at Dunn and Fanone, as Trumpers have done whenever the two have appeared in public since testified that he was attacked by Trump’s brownshirts to the House of Representatives on January 6 Select Committee in 2021.

Dunn drew attention to the anti-democratic threat yesterday by such violent rhetoric, saying, “This is not a drill.” For his part, Fanone, who was brutally attacked by the crowd on January 6 and tasered with his own taser, has said that if Trump returns to office, he will not act “as a civil servant accountable to the elected, to the people who elected him, but as an authoritarian who answers to and serves only himself.”

Fanon too added, on an MSNBC live spot, that Trump ‘has a fetish for violence’.

Clearly, calling Trump an authoritarian with a violence fetish, as accurate as that is, was too much for anyone out there, because hours after Fanone’s appearance in New York — and another round by attacks on him Through influential right-wing Twitter thugsFanone’s 78-year-old mother was the target of a “SWATting” attack on her home in Virginia.

If NBC News explains:

On Tuesday, a fake “manifesto” attributed to Fanone was sent to a number of email addresses, including some associated with a high school Fanone attended for a year more than two decades ago. The “manifesto,” viewed by NBC News, claimed the writer had killed their mother and planned to go to the recipient’s school on Wednesday and shoot more people. It contained Fanone’s mother’s home address.

That evening, Fanone told NBC News, his mother opened the door to law enforcement while in her nightgown, “mortified” to find SWAT team officers at her home.

Okay, but doesn’t Fanone understand that we are in a war against communism and illegals, groomers and electric vehicles, so anything goes? If the judge in Trump’s trial does not allow him to attack the families of the jury, lawyers and bailiffs, it only makes sense that the families of other enemies of the Great Man should be visited with threats that could lead to the police are going to shoot. them by sight.

The police have no suspects, so we imagine the Usual People in the right-wing media will declare that it is unfair to suggest that a Trumper sent the emails, false flag, antifa, etc.

And I’m Marie from Romania.

However, we suspect that Fanone does not understand the new rules for democratic participation.

“How dangerous is it to send law enforcement to an address where you basically describe an active shooter where the only person present is a 78-year-old f***ing woman,” Fanone told NBC News. “This is the reality of standing up to or challenging Donald Trump. … These swatting calls are incredibly dangerous, especially when the target is someone like my mother.”

He added: “All I’m doing is going out and talking about what happened to me and so many other police officers, as I always have, and this is the story. This is the direct result of that.” But doesn’t he understand that if he would just stop lying about the friendly flower children who visited the Capitol on January 6 (and played the video of him being attacked, although some Twitter pundits think he was exaggerating), all this would happen? go away?

Fanone also said that another version of the email, which included Fanone’s father’s address, was also circulating, but his father was out of the country.

During his remarks yesterday outside the Manhattan courthouse, Fanone said a lot of inflammatory things about the peaceful protesters whose attacks led to him having a heart attack and brain damage — unless he’s faking it and his doctors were lying too — so it’s no wonder his mother was beaten .

“These supporters were fueled by Trump’s lies and the lies of his surrogates, lies that the 2020 election was stolen,” Fanone said. “The same lies have been spewed by Donald Trump and his surrogates about what happened to me and so many other police officers on January 6, 2021, the day I was brutally attacked.”

Fanone only made matters worse for his family by naming the four Trump supporters convicted of assaulting him Daniel Rodriguez, who shocked Fanone in the neck with Fanone’s taser and tried to explain that he went to the Capitol because Donald Trump told him to. Rodriguez was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison, one of the longest sentences on January 6.

Fanone continued the list of names by vilifying the convicted criminals and pointing out the obvious:

“All four of these individuals are self-proclaimed Trump supporters, and all four committed a violent attack on law enforcement. I am just one representative of the hundreds of police officers attacked that day by Donald Trump supporters, inspired by his lies, the lies that to this day continue to inspire my fellow Americans to turn on their fellow Americans, to turn against police officers. .”

No no no, it’s the Trumpists who love law and order and law enforcement, and don’t forget that. OR ELSE.



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(NBC News / WaPo / Photo: ‘Tambako the Jaguar.’ Creative Commons License 2.0)

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