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Seedlings of 4 million liras for producers

ORDU (İGFA) – Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Dr. The agricultural support that Mehmet Hilmi Güler started five years ago with the slogan ‘Self-sufficient city’ continues unabated. The Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has provided agricultural support to about 5,000 producers in 53 years in areas such as livestock farming, livestock farming, dairy products, greenhouse farming and vegetable production, continues to bring the seedlings produced in its own greenhouses to the producers.


A total of 300,000 summer seedlings, including tomato, pepper, eggplant and cucumber seedlings grown in their own facilities at the Gülyalı Turnasuyu site, will be distributed to producers through the district chambers of agriculture. Mayor Güler, who met with the heads of the district agricultural chambers in the greenhouses of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, where the seedlings to be distributed were grown, said that they have carried out very important works in the agricultural field in Ordu.


Mayor Güler emphasized that their goal is to create a ‘self-sufficient army’ and said: “We have grown 300,000 seedlings in our own greenhouses. We produced this for 3/1 of the price. Now we distribute the seedlings we produce through agricultural chambers. With these studies, we want to make our own production and create ‘A city satisfied where it was born’ and ‘A self-sufficient army’ by reducing foreign dependence. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the cultivation of these seedlings and their distribution,” he said.


Arslan Soydan, member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB) and chairman of the Thursday Chamber of Agriculture, stated that they are closely monitoring the Metropolitan Municipality’s support for agriculture. Soydan said: “We are happy that our esteemed President is working with the chambers of agriculture. As agricultural chambers, we are representatives of the farmers. This work of our metropolitan municipality is satisfactory to all our farmers. “We, as Chambers of Agriculture, sincerely thank our Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality,” he said.

President Atakan Akça of the Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, President of the Akkuş Chamber of Agriculture Ahmet Kaya, President of the Chamber of Agriculture of Fatsa Haydar Gürsu, Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture of Ünye Osman Sarıkahraman, Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture of İkizce Atilla Kaynar and President of the Agricultural Chamber of Kabadüz Mustafa Kemal Baş. their statements that they have been working in farming and agriculture for 5 years. They expressed their gratitude to the producers for their support.