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Here are 7 Samsung Galaxy gestures I wish were on the iPhone

Poison: Dua Rashid, Artem Golub / Gizmodo

As the name suggests, swipe to take a screenshot lets you take a screenshot by swiping your hand across the screen. Fortunately, OneUI is very lenient about the type of swipe. It has no specific criteria for speed, pressure or even direction. All you need is to swipe at least 50% of the surface of the screen.

The display responds with dramatic effect, showing your screenshot at the bottom left for a second or two. You can tap it and choose an app (Gallery, Google Photos, etc.) to view it.

The iPhone equivalent of this is double-tapping the back of your phone. There are much stricter guidelines for where to tap, and it often won’t register your action if it’s even an inch away. I’ve also lost count of how many accidental screenshots I’ve taken on my iPhone because I mindlessly double-tapped the back. I’ll stick with my custom shortcut on the Assistive Touch for taking screenshots on my iPhone because it’s much more reliable.