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ÖTV: French Open: “Steirermen san is fantastic” – Misolic advances again in units after 0:2

This implies that every ÖTV ace is in the second round of the draw for the Grand Slam match in Paris.

“The Finest Steirermen san” should not only be discussed in the well-known song “Die Stoakogler”, but this was also confirmed today at the French Open in Paris. After Sebastian Ofner on Sunday evening, his compatriot Filip Misolic entered the second round, despite the 0-2 score. The 22-year-old from Graz (ATP 243) defeated the Finnish loser Otto Virtanen (ATP 156) on Monday evening in his first Grand Slam match, 4:6, 4:6, 6:3, 6:4, 6:2 . He challenges the third-seeded Argentinian Francisco Cerundolo (ATP 27) in Corpus Christi on Thursday and falls to him 3:6, 3:6 in his only match at the Erste Bank Open in the Wiener Stadthalle 2022. -Orner, who is eighth reached last 12 months, appearing for the second time on Wednesday. St. Mareiner (ATP 45) is now also aware of his opponent: as expected, he also faces Argentina’s Kitzbühel champion Sebastián Báez (ATP 20), in twentieth place, who also faces Brazilian participant Gustavo Heide (ATP 174). defeated. ) Eliminated in the 5 sentences. On Tuesday, only Sam Weissborn will be allowed to play in doubles: the Viennese will initially meet Luke Johnson (Great Britain) and Skander Mansouri (Tunisia) with the Monegasque Romain Arneodo.

It also has a deficit of 0:4 in the 4th set

“It’s a huge second, the sensation is amazing. “I don’t think I’m in the main match anymore,” Misolic had already told ServusTV after finishing three matches in the first round. However, Virtanen was again misplaced in the qualifying final following his second-round upset against ÖTV chief Dominic Thiem, but was promoted to the main draw after Australian Christopher O’Connell (ATP 68) quickly withdrew due to injury. , his second at the Grand Slam level after the 2023 US Open. Performing very well in more than two units, the 22-year-old was a very energetic, robust competitor whose courage to face dangers paid off. Misolic had to stop work after 40:30 and was not given a chance to return to the primary set. He started the second round considerably better with a break to make it 2-0, but after a fast break and two missed alternatives to make it 3-1, another lack of serve at 4-4 that he was 2-0 behind. And when Misolic had to settle for the primary break within the third break to make the score 1:2, the sport gave the impression that it would soon come to an end. But the 2022 Kitzbühel finalist had other plans – and pulled off an excellent comeback.

While Virtanen served 13 of 17 aces in the first two units and only dropped serve, Misolic managed to break the Scandinavian three times in a row. He can even pay for the allowed breaks to make 4:3. When “Miso” was behind after the successful third set in the fourth round of 0:4, together with 30:0 on Virtanen’s serve, it seemed that it was over for him. But the neo-protégé of Croatian Davis Cup captain Velimir Zovko fought the break to make it 1:4, holding on to his personal lead after being 30:40 behind, and breaking Virtanen again after his lead of 40:15, making the score 3:4. Not only did he immediately return to the sport, but he continued to get stronger. Misolic became increasingly confident and bold and stood out on the internet (he got 22 out of 28 points), in stark contrast to Virtanen (he got only 17 out of 37 points). He also admirably reached the fourth stage at the finish line and continued where he left off in the choice. Misolic now wanted to go higher than her teammates, broke to make it 2-1 and, after opportunities on both sides, to make it 5-2 again and serve at zero on Court 11 of the heart of Bois de Boulogne in its first Grand Slam match. success of competitors.

After the highest 200

With the renewed success, Misolic not only increased his largest salary to date from 73,000 to 110,000 euros, but also won another 40 ATP factors on earth. With a total of 75 points he is now back in the top 200 and is currently in 184th place. Compared to Cerundolo, it is another 48,000 euros in prize money and 50 factors, which could put him at the prime of 160. But first “Miso” will most likely have to accept his first victory. “I don’t know what to say,” he stammered on ServusTV after his latest coup. “Yes, I have to imagine every minute of the sport, whatever the consequences. I knew things would get tough after 0:2 within the units, but nothing was out of place. I saw that I might do it. And surprisingly enough I proved that in the first match with Virtanen. Making the main draw was a real novelty for Misolic in a Grand Slam match. But his dream of Paris will continue.