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CA News 2024


May 5, 2024 – Country Universe

Adeem the Artist leads the pack this week.

Laurens Rothman

The plow that broke the plains

Most successful when they unearth the dramatic tension between a fairly conventional “Americana” aesthetic and powerful storytelling that is all things But conventional. Rothman has a fascinating, spirited singing voice and a fearless narrative voice.



The first two singles, while both solid, didn’t set the right expectations for this statement of agency and authority, which is a ferocious hybrid of blues, country, funk and folk. And Lord, the voice – and somehow her collaborators meet her power.

Elvie Shane


This one really surprised me; it’s as daring a Music Row record as I’ve heard in a while. Shane takes one wild swing after another and connects more often than not. I hear elements of Church, Mellencamp, Hank III and DBT here, both in form and content.

MacKenzie Porter

No one is born with a broken heart

Cleverly constructed songs and a handful of well-turned phrases show great promise. Porter’s singing shows technical competence, if not a particularly recognizable timbre or presence. Less middlebrow production would also help, but there is a lot of upside in it.

Breathe the artist


They keep getting better with every new record. This spectacular collection (“Rotations,” y’all. My God.) is about recognizing the ways that difficult, complicated people find ways to connect with each other to make an unbearable world a little less bearable.

Will Kimbrough

For the life of me

Underrated as ever and as anyone has ever been, he’s dropped another set here that highlights his wry POV on matters of the heart and politics, his talent for bringing strong melodies to his country blues, and his stellar guitar work.

Emily Nenni

Driving and crying

Certainly catnip for genre traditionalists, Nenni makes up for a fairly limited vocal range and power with razor-sharp songwriting and raw production that’s equal parts honky-tonk and rockabilly. Not the best album in this regard in 2024, but still a great time.